Safe Patient Handling
APR 03, 2020
Safe Patient Handling When it comes to safe patient handling, there are many myths about precautions, procedures and more. Are you able to separate fact from fiction? Keep reading to learn some of the most common assumptions regarding patient handling, and how you can improve your practice in these areas. Read More
​How Artificial Intelligence Finds Risk
MAR 18, 2020 technology, risk management
​How Artificial Intelligence Finds Risk While most people shy away from risk, artificial intelligence (AI) embraces it. The main reason for this? By understanding risk, AI can make jobsites and workers safer. Read More
How Your Workplace Can Prepare for Coronavirus
MAR 11, 2020 risk management
How Your Workplace Can Prepare for Coronavirus At Amerisure, we’re committed to keeping workers safe. With the growing number of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in the United States, there are new safety risks to consider.
  Read More
​Preventing Construction Theft and Vandalism
FEB 28, 2020
​Preventing Construction Theft and Vandalism As the construction industry continues to grow so does the amount of theft and vandalism. This is an exposure that faces almost all contractors, yet many contractors are unaware of this. Equipment and materials stolen from construction sites each year amounts to as much as $1 billion, according to the National Crime Information Bureau. Read More
​Signs You’re in A Good Carrier Relationship
FEB 13, 2020
​Signs You’re in A Good Carrier Relationship This Valentine’s Day, make sure your partnership measures up. Your partnership with your insurance carrier, that is. At Amerisure, we’ve identified a few key qualities that show you’re in a strong, committed relationship with your insurer. Read More
Transform Your Safety Culture
FEB 06, 2020 risk management
Transform Your Safety Culture In many companies, workplace safety culture is focused on accidents. This is a missed opportunity for businesses to capitalize on the benefits of proactive safety and how it can transform company culture. Read More
Fall Prevention and Safety
JAN 30, 2020 construction, risk management
Fall Prevention and Safety Millions of people are treated for fall-related injuries every year. They’re also the third leading cause of injury-related deaths and one of the most common claims received by Amerisure. The good news? Falls are preventable with a few simple precautions. Read More
How Does the Internet of Things Support Proactive Safety?
JAN 22, 2020 technologies, technology, construction
How Does the Internet of Things Support Proactive Safety? ​According to the National Safety Council, a workplace injury occurs every seven seconds. That adds up to more than 4,500,000 injuries every year. While companies can use traditional measures to counteract these risks, technology is making it easier to keep workers safe and understand patterns of loss. Read More
Buy Smart: Purchasing Used Machinery
JAN 13, 2020 construction
Buy Smart: Purchasing Used Machinery Is your construction company’s budget small, but the need for new equipment is large? If so, perhaps buying used equipment is the right decision for you. This can be a cost-effective option, but there are a few considerations to keep in mind to reduce risk and ensure you’re getting a fair deal. Keep reading to find out what you need to know. Read More
Fleet Resolutions: Defining Focus for 2020
JAN 06, 2020
Fleet Resolutions: Defining Focus for 2020 As companies look to improve safety measures for 2020 and beyond, much attention is being focused on fleet safety and driver behavior. To help define your resolutions and jumpstart the success of your program, Amerisure has developed a list of critical elements for a loss-reducing telematics program based on data from its FleetAlliance® participants. Read More
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