Tips to Prepare Your Business for Springtime Disasters
MAY 28, 2019 risk management
Tips to Prepare Your Business for Springtime Disasters It’s spring. The grass is greening, trees are budding and it’s warming up on the jobsite. However, spring also can bring severe weather like tornadoes and hail that can damage your business and property. Read More
Safely Sharing the Road
MAY 28, 2019 risk management
Safely Sharing the Road ​Warmer weather generally means more motorcycles on the road — which also means drivers need to be even more diligent when behind the wheel. In 2017, 5,172 motorcyclists were killed according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Motorcyclists are more vulnerable to injury or death in an accident. They have an 80 percent chance, compared to a 20 percent chance of injury or death in a passenger vehicle, according to the NHTSA. Read More
Climate Change Impacts Businesses, Insurance Sector
MAY 28, 2019 risk management
Climate Change Impacts Businesses, Insurance Sector ​Climate change is a hotly debated topic around the world today. As the scientific community continues to search for answers about temperature fluctuations, weather patterns and other climate-related shifts, businesses across the United States are looking for ways to prepare for the future. Read More
How Will IoT Change Electrical Safety?
MAY 21, 2019 risk management
How Will IoT Change Electrical Safety? ​Workers are exposed to numerous potential electrical hazards on a daily basis. Most commonly, electrical installation, repairs, testing of fixtures and equipment, inspection and maintenance activities put workers at risk. Of these workers, engineers, electricians and overhead line workers are most commonly exposed to these hazards — thus they are most likely to experience electrocution if proper precautions are not followed. Read More
100 Years of Hard Hats
MAR 25, 2019 Ed Sowers, Risk Management Specialist construction, risk management
100 Years of Hard Hats ​When World War I came to a close, E.W. Bullard returned to the United States with very few possessions but a steel helmet. Upon his arrival home, he presented this headwear to his father, the owner of E.D. Bullard Company, as an alternative to the leather safety hats they manufactured.  From there, the modern hard hat was born. Read More
Prepare for Success with Emerging Technologies
JAN 24, 2019 Dave Galbraith, AVP Risk Management construction, risk management, market trends Tags: Emerging Technology, Insurance, Internet of Things, IoT, Pilot Program
Prepare for Success with Emerging Technologies Have you considered investing in emerging technologies that could support your risk management efforts and prepare your company for future success? As a construction business owner, the decision to invest in emerging technologies is not an easy one. It’s no secret new technologies bring some concerns. The solution? A cost-sharing pilot program with your insurance carrier. Read More
Shine Bright Using Metal Halide Lights Have you ever wondered what’s responsible for the bright lighting in commercial areas? Most often, metal halide or mercury vapor lights are responsible for the glow. Read More
Analyzing Risk: Santa's Safety
DEC 13, 2018 risk management Tags: Christmas, risk management, safety, santa
Analyzing Risk: Santa's Safety The holidays are a busy time of year, but no one has more to do than the man in the big red suit. From production to delivery, Santa has the biggest job of all — and such a large operation comes with many safety risks.  Read More
Distracted Driving is Basically Multitasking - but Worse It’s easy to get behind the wheel and seemingly arrive at your destination without feeling like any time has passed. Once you’ve driven a route frequently, it almost becomes automatic. Read More
Breathe Easy. Protect Yourself from Respirable Silica.

Though it’s inert in everyday contexts, crystalline silica is harmful to health when it is crushed, ground, drilled, or used in other industrial processes. During these processes, dust particles are produced, and some of the very fine particles are known as respirable crystalline silica (RCS).

Read More
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