June is National Safety Month The National Safety Council (NSC) dedicates the month of June each year to reminding everyone about ways to remain safe on the job. This year the program celebrates its 25th anniversary and has established four key topics, one for each week of the month. Read More
Does Your Safety Program Address the Most Common Manufacturing Risks?
APR 06, 2021 manufacturing, risk management
Does Your Safety Program Address the Most Common Manufacturing Risks? The United States Bureau of Labor identified manufacturing as the third most dangerous industry, based on 2019 data. That year, the sector accounted for 395,300 workplace injuries and 35,000 workplace illnesses. Do you know the most common manufacturing risks and does your safety program address them?   Read More
Manufacturing Day
OCT 02, 2020 manufacturing
Manufacturing Day Want to learn what the pressing challenges are for a local manufacturer? Chances are they are concerned about finding the skilled and professional labor needed to run their plants.  Read More
Electrical Safety Standards and Program Assessment
AUG 19, 2020 manufacturing, risk management
Electrical Safety Standards and Program Assessment Electricity is one of those mystical things that confounds many people. But even the experts have their hands full, because as technology evolves, so do the standards that govern the safe installation of electrical systems.  Read More
Equipment Maintenance Approaches that Improve Results
JUL 22, 2020 manufacturing
Equipment Maintenance Approaches that Improve Results The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) considers preventive maintenance a hazard control that helps prevent injuries in the workplace. OSHA requires manufacturers to establish equipment maintenance schedules to mitigate these potential hazards. But that’s when it starts to get complicated. Read More
Save Green by Going Green
AUG 06, 2019 manufacturing
Save Green by Going Green ​As more and more people focus on their everyday waste —such as replacing single-use straws or eliminating plastic tooth brushes — companies are being called upon to reduce their waste and do their part in helping save the environment. Sustainable living, while it isn’t a new idea, is becoming incorporated into more lifestyles — especially younger generations. Read More
How to Prevent and Manage Workplace Injuries ​The National Safety Council estimates that a worker is injured on the job every seven seconds and, in 2017 alone, 104 million work days were lost due to work-related injuries. Read More
The Big Benefits of 3D Tool and Die Printing
APR 10, 2019 manufacturing
The Big Benefits of 3D Tool and Die Printing To make one requires many — at least in traditional tool and die printing. The process of making tools is difficult. It’s expensive and often tedious because of the complex part requirements. Sometimes, multiple intricate parts are required to make a single tool. Read More
The Changing Manufacturing Industry Dramatic changes to technology, risk, and human capability have all shaped the current manufacturing landscape. Future generations of manufacturers could work with entirely different products and processes than those of their predecessors. Read More
Hands-On Work is Making a Comeback
SEP 07, 2018 construction, manufacturing, market trends
Hands-On Work is Making a Comeback Over the past 50 years, there has been a sharp decline in the recognition and education of skilled trades. Now, as Baby Boomers begin to retire from the construction, manufacturing and engineering fields, 31 million positions will be open to vocational workers in the next two years. The problem? Skilled trades have been deemphasized for so long that younger generations do not consider this career path. Read More
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